Are the salads fresh or commercially made?
All our salads are homemade and fresh.

How much salad do I get per person?
3 oz. of each salad per person.

How much meat will I get? Ask the weight or how many pieces per person.
2/3 pound per person.

What do you supply?
We include heavy duty black plates, clear utensils, napkins, serving pans with spoons or tongs, condiments, and bread. Buffet tables if needed.

What is done with the left-overs?
We put it in foil pans & cover with foil for you to keep and take home.

What does the price you gave me include and are there any hidden charge?
Our price includes the chef, the food, custom grill, and the charcoal needed to do the cooking. All we add is 7.5% sales tax to the total bill. Just relax and let us do all the work!

Is BBQ on Wheels insured?
BBQ on Wheels is fully insured, yes.

How far do you travel to do your services?
We do BBQ catering all throughout the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

What is your most common menu?
Our #1 on-site catering menu is the Pig Roast. We grill the pig on-site with your choice of chicken or beef also.

Most caterers add a service fee, do you?
We leave the gratuity up to your discretion. You can add that to your bill based on the performance of the chef. The average tip is 10-20%.